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Hungry Harvest Rules!

I recently signed up for the hungry harvest produce delivery service and I can honestly say, I could not be happier with the product. Over the years I have tried a number of meal delivery services. From Blue Apron to HelloFresh and a few in between, we’ve enjoyed some more than others, but overall as a family, we’ve always continued on with our “Weekly Menu” Meal Plan.

I have expounded, at length, about how I like to build my weekly meal plan or “Weekly Menu” as I shop, finding awesome deals, and fresh, seasonal produce to highlight as I go. Hungry Harvest is much the same, they work to send you a plethora of options on weekly basis, depending on the subscription size you choose. They focus on sending the “ugly” vegetables that are just as delicious as their form perfect friends, but are often rejected by national grocery chains because they are deemed “less desirable” to the average consumer. 1 in 5 fruits or vegetables end up going to waste because they are “too big”, “too small” or “they don’t look quite right”. Personally I am 100% fine with eating fruits/veggies of an odd size or shape. I’m going to chop them up so what does it matter to me how big or small they were before hand, and if I can do some good by purchasing them through Hungry Harvest than all the better for me.

Boxes start at just $15 for weekly or bi-weekly delivery and each box they deliver helps eliminate 10 pounds of food waste. To date Hungry Harvest has saved 20 Million pounds of food from going to waste. In addition to helping stave off food waste, Hungry Harvest partners with food banks in each community they serve, and has provided access to over 1/3 million pounds of fruits/veggies to those who are food insecure.

Beyond all the good Hungry Harvest does, they really do provide an awesome service. The produce they deliver is high quality, full of variety, and ready to use. One week you might end up with some Brussels sprouts, fresh greens, carrots and apples. The next it might be red peppers, sweet potatoes, asian pears, kale and tomatoes. In addition to, their “Harvest Boxes”, Hungry Harvest offers a full marketplace of pantry goods and staples like bread, herbs, honey, jams, and specialty vegetables.

I think my favorite Hungry Harvest offering, beside the already wonderful produce, is the “Mystery Herb Bundle”. I’m always up for some mystery herbs in my weekly Harvest and at only $1, it makes a lot of sense considering how much flavor fresh herbs add to your cooking.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring all the awesome recipes I’ve been creating with my Hungry Harvest deliveries. Stay tuned for more.


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