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Hi I’m Paul

I am a Chef and Beverage Professional with over 15 years of Industry experience. 

My earliest memories of food and cooking are of me roasting lamb scraps on a stick over an open fire while my Aunts and Grandmother skewered giant lamb kebabs in our back yard. I’ve been trying to recreate that feeling for most of my life. 

​This blog is meant to be a compilation of all the skills I’ve honed and perfected over a career spent in the professional kitchen. The recipes, tips, and tricks you will find here are all built and tested for the home kitchen. Just remember, expensive doesn’t always mean better, and sometimes the best results come from throwing caution to the wind and diving in. 

Outside of the kitchen, I am a Trophy Husband and Dad to the coolest little jawa this side of Tatooine.

Recipes and Pairings by yours truly.