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Ham and Smoked Gouda Quiche

Quiche is a wonderful Sunday brunch treat. This ham and smoked gouda quiche easy to make, can be prepared well in advance, tastes great hot or cold, and goes great with a light salad, home fries, or grits.

Ginger Spice Cake and Wishing For Snow.

Ginger spice cake is a staple around our home in winter, and it can be great snow day fuel. Rich, spicy, and the perfect way to warm up after sledding or a snowball fight. Try this recipe today, so you’ll be ready just in case it snows!

Pomegranate Grenadine Cranberry Sauce!

This is the cranberry sauce you’ve been searching for. Tart, acidic, with just the right sweetness, it will quickly become a favorite at your Thanksgiving celebration and relatives will be begging you for the recipe.

Tomato Jam Is Baller Ketchup

Tomato jam is an absolutely wonderful condiment, and a great way to stretch the bounty of your garden well into the winter months. Like a jazzed up ketchup with a ton more texture and flavor, this condiment makes the perfect accompaniment to roasted/grilled meats, seafood of all sorts, and a ton of different vegetables.

All Of Your Apple Cider Donuts Are Belong To Us.

These apple cider doughnuts are super addicting and quite easy to make. Once you feel comfortable with the recipe, try experimenting with different flavors and toppings. There are so many incredible flavor combinations to try, and these delicious doughnuts make the perfect palate for you to express yourself!

Hungry Harvest Rules!

I have tried a ton of meal delivery services over the years, and Hungry Harvest is the first I’ve actually used and loved.

Check out my first impressions on my Hungry Harvest subscription!